BeachCity Media

About Us

BeachCity is a motley crew of seasoned tech entrepreneurs, talented video storytellers, and young media personalities. Together, we create and deliver light "edutainment" style content and social media to spotlight entrepreneurs and innovation hubs.

Our mission is to reimagine and redefine the role of digital media in developing entrepreneurial capability and bringing together communities. We believe in highlighting both the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, and we're not scared to leave the story a little unpolished so the truth shines through. In the age of hype, authenticity is how we can form connections in a globalised, digital world.

With a focus on technology and innovation, we cover events, conduct interviews, develop education programs and build global networks to support the new generation of rising entrepreneurs. We shine a spotlight on and share stories from aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs from schools and universities as well as early-stage ventures all the way to corporate intrapreneurs.

By working with incubators, development agencies and governments to create entrepreneurial lifestyle media for the Youtube generation, we're helping to bridge the gap between traditional institutions of support and new, self-driven journeys of learning.

Our Team

Leigh Kelson

Founder, CEO & Chief Storyteller

Leigh Kelson

A serial entrepreneur, technology veteran and cloud computing pioneer, Leigh is a vocal leader of Australia’s startup community and believes young people can learn more from the stories they tell each other than by sitting in classrooms. Through BeachCity Media, he is on a mission to reimagine how we develop entrepreneurial capability across the globe.

Lily Bruns

Director of Marketing

Lily Bruns

With startup experience that spans from marshmallows to fashion to legal technology, Lily’s sweet spot is turning ideas into executable strategies. Whether she’s crafting new products and services or writing the perfect email hook, she lives and breathes the entrepreneurial lifestyle BeachCity is sharing with the world.

Wayne Kelson

Chief Operations Officer

Wayne kelson

A seasoned operations lead and project manager, Wayne is passionate about yoga and mindfulness and has a knack for building the structures and processes that allow inspirational founders to shoot for the moon. Master of spreadsheets and pro formas, he’s kept the wheels of BeachCity greased as we’ve gone from experimental operation to rising rocketship.

Chris Hogan

Anchorman & Content Producer

Chris Hogan

Chris is a digital marketing veteran and content guru. As BeachCity’s own “Anchorman,” his warmth and humour bring out the best in his interview subjects on BeachCity’s journey to tell the stories of the world’s entrepreneurs.

Nicklas Bergman

Board Member

Nicklas is a tech junkie and futurist, proud of the epic failures and inspired successes he is responsible for as a serial entrepreneur and technology investor. He advises BeachCity on strategy and helps create opportunities and clear hurdles.

Mackenzie Reardon


Macca, as he's known to friends, is the charming geek with the microphone, hunting for and sharing stories of the best new tech and hot startups.

Todd Sawyer

Writer & Producer

A television and comedy writer, Todd is the master of injecting a well-timed laugh. He helps BeachCity create stories that capture audiences.

Tom Agna

Writer & Producer

A two-time Emmy award winner, comedian, and comedy writer, Tom produces content for BeachCity that is authentic, humorous, and memorable.